Driving safe and sound along the way does not mean you are accident-free. Car crashes are the imminent dangers bound to happen unexpectedly. In the Philippines, aside from poor traffic rules and regulations, ill-informed motorists and unfinished road constructions are the usual suspects causing accidents. Thus, buying your dream car comes with acquiring car insurance Philippines.

Getting car insurance is imperative to ensure extra protection against possible financial woes and legal sues when unexpected vehicle collisions occur. Whether it is a major or minor accident, car insurance deals get you cover.The insurance coverage includesvehicle repair costs, financial liability, and medical bills.

Costly, legal consequences

As accidents are unavoidable, you need to ask yourself: am I capable enough to pay the huge losses when involved in a collision with money out of my wallet? 

You need to understand that whether you did not intend to harm civilians and surrounding property present during the accident, you are still liable for paying the incurred losses, called third-party liability. Thus, without a valid insurance cover, you take full responsibility for bearing such losses incurred. At worst, your liability goes higher if a person dies of the accident. 

The financial strain does not end in paying the losses incurred to the third party but also yourself. Your car already got whacked and wrecked during the accident, and without car insurance, you will shoulder the expenses for its repairs and replacement. It will cost you lots of money and stress at the same time.

On the other hand, the most challenging part of being involved in a vehicular accident is getting fines or legal charges, especially if you cannot pay for the damages brought by the collision. Getting charged with reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property is inevitable. Hence, having a car insurance firm by your side ensures avoiding heavy fines and stress regarding legal matters.


With accidents happening at no time, drivers like you should prepare for the imminent financial and legal burden it will bring. That is the reason why you should afford car insurance coverage. Yet, it does not end here.

Choosing car insurance needs careful decision-making as providers have a broad range of offers. You may also opt to use comprehensive car insurance Philippines to compare and contrast available insurance offers out there. Remember to select what best suits you and your vehicle. In that way, you get the benefits that you need. 

Refer to this infographic by iChoose.ph to learn more about the dangers of driving without car insurance.