Several private foundations and organizations provide funding to support youth sports programs, initiatives, and organizations. These foundations aim to promote physical activity, teamwork, and skill development among young people while fostering a sense of community and healthy lifestyles. Here are some private foundations that have historically supported youth sports:

1. **The Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation:** This foundation supports youth sports through various grant programs, including Sports Matter, which aims to provide funding to youth sports organizations facing financial challenges.

2. **The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation:** Named after the legendary baseball player Cal Ripken, Sr., this foundation focuses on bringing baseball and softball to underserved youth. They support various sports programs and provide funding for field renovations.

3. **The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation:** Laureus supports sports-based youth development programs around the world. They fund organizations that use sports as a tool for positive social change and youth empowerment.

4. **The Tony Hawk Foundation:** Founded by skateboarder Tony Hawk, this foundation provides grants to build public skateparks in underserved communities, encouraging physical activity and skateboarding among youth.

5. **The Positive Coaching Alliance:** While not a traditional grantmaker, the Positive Coaching Alliance provides resources, training, and educational materials to coaches, parents, and organizations to promote positive and character-building youth sports experiences.

6. **Nike Community Impact Fund:** Nike supports youth sports through its Community Impact Fund, which provides grants to organizations that use sports to promote community development, inclusion, and well-being.

7. **The Stephen Curry Foundation:** NBA player Stephen Curry’s foundation supports various youth-related causes, including education and youth sports initiatives.

8. **The Good Sports Foundation:** Good Sports provides equipment, apparel, and funding to youth sports organizations in need. They aim to remove barriers to sports participation for underprivileged youth.

9. **The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation:** This foundation focuses on improving the quality of life for people in Southeast Michigan and Western New York. They support youth sports and recreation programs as part of their funding priorities.

10. **The NFL Foundation:** The National Football League’s foundation supports youth and high school football programs, as well as initiatives to promote youth health and wellness.

11. **The MLB RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) Program:** Major League Baseball’s RBI Program provides funding and resources to promote baseball and softball participation among underserved youth in urban areas.

12. **The U.S. Soccer Foundation:** This foundation supports soccer programs that promote youth development, health, and social inclusion through soccer.

These foundations and organizations may have specific eligibility criteria, application processes, and funding priorities for their youth sports programs. Grant availability and focus areas may change over time, so it’s advisable to research and verify the latest information and grant opportunities on the respective foundation’s websites or through grant databases. Additionally, local and regional organizations and community foundations may also offer grants and support for youth sports initiatives in specific areas. Visit