As the owner of a holiday park, you will have a number of different responsibilities to ensure that your park runs smoothly. One of these responsibilities is the promotion and marketing of your holiday park, ensuring that you attract plenty of new guests as well as retaining loyal customers. If you are unfamiliar with how you can promote your holiday park through different marketing activities and tools, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining some of the easiest (and free) ways in which you can do this.

Using Social Media


The likelihood is that you already have some experience of social media, whether you are an Instagram pro or whether Facebook leaves you feeling a little perplexed. While you may not be particularly confident with the thought of using social media for business purposes, it can be incredibly simple and is a great way of interacting with customers.


With more than 1 billion active users on Facebook, you effectively have a huge audience base on the other side of your screen. This audience could well be converted into customers with the right messaging.


One great way of using social media is by sharing plenty of pictures and videos of your park, showing off the best bits, whether you have particularly beautiful surroundings or a fantastic onsite restaurant, there is sure to be somewhere to highlight.


Take Control of Your Google Listing


Google business listings are incredibly helpful for customers looking for businesses. However, they are only helpful when they are correct, something which is not always the case for every business listing. You can make edits to your business listing by following these instructions from Google My Business.


By taking control of your Google listing, you will be able to enhance the listing as well as interact with anyone leaving reviews. This can be incredibly helpful as it shows that you care about what your customers think of their experience, and you have the opportunity to address any negative comments which may not always be accurate.


Consider Email Marketing


While there are paid options for email marketing available, you don’t need to shell out any cash, especially when you are first starting to use this tool. With platforms such as MailChimp, EmailOctopus and Benchmark Email, you’ll be able to whip up email campaigns which look professional but don’t cost you a penny.


Email marketing is an excellent way of promoting your holiday park as you should already have a supply of email addresses. According to Elite Dynamics,


“As a park owner, you have access to a huge database of previous guest’s details, so be sure to use it! Send out regular email updates to remind your previous guests about their stay at your park and remind them of your upcoming last minute deals.”

Marketing your holiday park doesn’t have to be a complicated and costly necessity. In fact, if you use the right tools and platforms, you can find a cost-effective and simple way of promoting your location, getting your name in front of as many potential customers as possible.