Practice Management Software is critical to the business and accountants need a system that will help them with an array of features and guidance practices.

At BTC Software PM Solution is the answer because it actually integrates with your clients’ tax returns. One of the key features for accountants is that you can never miss another deadline.

The PM Solutions software is specifically designed to fit around the requirements of typical small and medium-sized businesses. It aids with account production and tax filing. It is a very highly effective and works dynamically with the medical industry.

The software is designed to deal with every day operations using its desktop software, client-server and internet-based features. It helps with the administrative and financial functions and ties in with many other clients’ needs.

The software can also create an online filing system for the accounts at Companies House.

The PM Solutions at BTC Software works as a central hub that will hold all of the clients’ details and records:

  • Page on details
  • Contact information
  • Associations with other organisations and offices
  • Client folders
  • Documents associated with the business
  • Appointments with that client
  • Tasks to be completed (including tasks already completed)
  • Client notes

Searching for client information is easy. Just about everything you wanted to know about a particular customer can be found through the PM Solutions software at BTC Software.

PM Solution also integrates effortlessly with your clients’ tax returns. It will also merge with its year-end accounts, VAT submissions and HMRC forms (an example being the 64-8 document). The same data will never have to be re-entered more than once. This will dramatically cut the workload of the accountant and the department controlling the accounts section.

The Practice Management Software includes many great features, such as:

  • Online filing system to support Individual Tax (SA100), Trust Tax Returns (SA900) and Partnership Tax (SA800).
  • A note facility that will let you add small notations about a certain client.
  • Automatic reminders: like scheduling a meeting or a tax return warning with a certain client serves as an excellent nudge to the business when something absolutely must be performed.

Practice Management Software is the ideal solution for many small and medium businesses. However, it is used in several businesses in the medical profession in the United States and will make the perfect software solution for companies like veterinary, dental and ophthalmologist businesses.