Currently, there is a new shop management system, Tekmetric, that’s stirring up a lot of conversation in the auto repair sector. This management system created by Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel is creating a buzz thanks to the huge promises it makes to shop owners. Prasanth and Sunil are the founders and owners of the thriving Motorwerks Auto Group. The two creators of Tekmetric have been in the auto repair business for over two decades. During this period, the creators said that they encountered management challenges with what was present in the market at the time. To solve these challenges, they decided to come up with their management software, and that’s how Tekmetric was born.

About Tekmetric

Tekmetric is a complete shop management system that is targeted at helping auto repair shops run and manage their business optimally. This software provides shops with a single platform where they can run all their operations. Tekmetric was introduced to the market in March when its creators, Sunil Patel, and Prasanth Chilukuri were featured on that month’s issue of Rachet + Wrench. During this introduction, the two creators who are also auto repair shop owners promised their colleagues in the sector that this would be the management software that will transform their businesses for the better.

Making good on its promise

Before the introduction of Tekmetric to the auto shop repair sector, shop owners had a lot of problems managing their businesses. This is because most of the management software available at the time poorly delivered on its functions. Additionally, most of these management solutions lacked some core functionality which would have been very useful to shop owners. To try and remedy the unfortunate situation most of the shop owners opted to use two or more solutions to manage their businesses. This option was very inconvenient and time-consuming.

Thanks to the introduction of the new all-inclusive shop management system, Tekmetric, things have now started to change gradually in the sector. The new software is now available on the Tekmetric website most of its early adopters are very happy with it. To begin with, Prasanth and Sunil decided to offer the management software for free usage as a demo to auto shops across the country till the end of the year. This offer means that as a shop owner you can send in your demo application online now and have a chance to taste out the demo and all its features. To make things even juicer, the creators of this software announced that the auto shops that will have been part of this early adoption phase would get a considerable sale discount early next year when Tekmetric officially goes on sale.

Amazing testimonials

The owner of the Alamogordo based S.H. Automotive, Stefan Hoppe was one of early adopters of Tekmetric when it came out. The German-born and raised entrepreneur owns the European specialty repair shop stated that before adopting Tekmetric his shop was using QuickBooks and pen and paper to run. Hoppe pointed out that he had been scared of the heartbreaking shop management systems that were available at the time; therefore, he never bothered to adopt any. He added that his business has significantly prospered since he adopted Tekmetric. The businessman has been able to increase his business’ profitability. Additionally, he was able to cut down on the time he used to compile QuickBooks and notes running his business.

Hoppe pointed out that features like a comprehensive platform to do all his management work on that Tekmetric offers have been a business saver for him. The German-born businessman added that the shop management system featured enterprise-level secure encryption and access anywhere functionality. Both of this functions have been very useful to him.