When you’re looking for the best water and fire damage repair Wasatch Front Utah can provide, look no further. We offer around-the-clock emergency response to any type of water or fire emergency that you may face. Our experienced and professionally-trained technicians are equipped to handle any problem that your property may have.

Water damage may come in the form of a busted pipe, flooding, or any of a number of other problems. We will arrive at your door as soon after you call us as we can to stop the problem and to begin the drying-out process using the latest in advanced drying equipment. We also use digital thermal infrared technology to identify where water is hidden in your home or business. Water hidden in your property can mean mold down the road.

We do offer a complete mold remediation service that includes detecting, containing, and eliminating the mold in your home or business if it is necessary. We are industry trained and certified to follow all of the applicable laws about mold removal and use the latest in technology to ensure that all mold is removed from your property. If you suspect mold, call us. Don’t disturb the mold at all because doing so can cause the spores to spread to other parts of the building and exacerbate the damage.

Fires are traumatic events that require emergency response. When they occur, they not only damage and destroy properties, they can leave you feeling completely displaced and in shock. We will restore as much of your property as we can and remove the smoke odor and damage from smoke. We will remove soot and provide 24/7 emergency property board-up services as well as secure climate controlled storage for your belongings. We provide full restoration, renovation, and reconstruction of your property as well.

When an emergency happens, be sure to notify your insurance company immediately to begin the process of filing a claim and making sure you’re documenting the damage appropriately. We will work with you to file the claim and to ensure that you get a fair settlement. We have great relationships with many insurance companies, and we will help you through the claims process.

When you need the best water and fire damage repair Wasatch Front Utah can offer, give us a call. We look forward to working with you.